Luxury Motorhomes For Hire


Next year is going to be an interesting one to see where everyone is going to take their holidays. Will people be looking for bargain flights accompanied with airport delays, flight cancellations and measly luggage allowances?  – or will they be looking for luxury motorhomes for hire, complete with no luggage restrictions, no last minute surcharges and the ability to go and stay where you want when you want?

We think it’s a no brainer. It is looking like the budget airlines may be struggling, although EasyJet – for example – made healthy profits this year, they are still worried about 2012. The airline warned that the macro-economic environment remains challenging, as they are now facing higher costs, including increased taxation and a £220 million rise in its fuel costs. Because of this EasyJet are taking a ‘cautious approach’ to expanding its fleet. This will also affect all airlines of course.

So while EasyJet are being cautious about expanding it’s fleet, over in Cambridge, Motorholme are going for it in a big way with new large orders of motorhomes from the Mooveo Range by Pilote. The future’s so bright we gotta wear shades!

There are over 500 luxury motorhomes for hire in the UK right now and Motorholme are looking to add at least another 60 during 2012! Call 0800 612 8719 anytime to get a quote for your motorhome hire holiday – it’s more fun than hanging around an airport.

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